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Antonis Antonopoulos
Success needs free will, or simply a goal, not someone else's, otherwise success is miser. Commitment to yourself and your team, that you will keep trying even when your goal seems to vanish. That you will bring everything you have to the table with the risk of finding yourself "below" the goal because the success sometimes needs some luck and it comes unannounced.

It needs awareness of your strengths; to know what you can do, and for the purpose of trying even harder for something even better.

And when you have consumed all the stash of your strength, passion, emotions, soul... you have overcome yourself but you haven't "succeed", then what is this... maybe this is the success.

We had our "success"... simply...certainly, there could have been others, lucky ones, who so be it saw their world from up high and their life so differently.

George Voutyropoulos
I think that very few people believed this expedition would go so well. And it did. The team had an amazing dynamic which originated from many years of common battles and visions. Long before Everest monopolized our ambitions - it is true that back then we had plenty- we were already mature for this goal.

From one point of view, it is unfair that one whole generation of mountaineers were consumed of this. They could have achieved much more. The Everest expedition should had taken place years ago. What a pity...

This case though has closed for me for good and the only thing that has remained from the legendary expedition is 2-3 fraternal friends and a flap at heart every time I recapture that dawn that I had the chance to live at the roof of the world.

Panagiotis Kotronaros
What characterized the members of the team all these years was the passion for the climbing expeditions. Our team was what we call closely knit. And how can it be otherwise when in order to survive up there you have to learn to share a glass of water to two. Hypoxia and dehydration hit red in the death-zone. However the message the mountain sent us was soon to come. The first sunrays found us climbing the exposed ridge just before the south summit. A wonderful day was about to begin. The weather forecast was correct. The mountain has spoken. The time had come to "redeem the points" which we had collected throughout the years.

Spiros Soulis
My passion in being involved in this Expedition from Day 1 stemmed from the fact that I was angry and disappointed that a successful Greek expedition had yet to summit Mount Everest. I wanted to prove that Greece not only had climbers who were more than capable but that the Greeks could run a successful and professional expedition while on the mountain. Our reputation had been tainted in past expeditions and I wanted to put that right.

They say the summit is in the Journey and this was certainly the case for me, as I did not experience the actual summit. In my case Everest was not about personal satisfaction but about ensuring that a worthy team of climbers summited and returned safely. I may never experience the sensation of what it would feel like to stand on Earth's highest point and I will always have an awkwardness when asked the question: "Did you get to the top?" however I will have the knowledge and memories of being an integral part of a successful expedition to Everest.

In a world were we are constantly bombarded with expectations of succeeding and being first, my journey on Everest proved the fundamental importance of reflecting on the journey itself; whether it leads us to the summit or not is irrelevant.

Michalis Styllas
It is generally against the rules of today's society, but at the same time human, to ignore experiences of the past, problems of the present and concerns of the future and through your -drained by oxygen-mind to collect all of your power to move, your exhausted leg and do the next step. This is climbing in all its shapes!

Such phenomena, that influenced all of us shortly after midnight and until the morning of 16th May 2004, where one after another we reached the top of Everest. A goal which in early April when we arrived on the bottom of the mountain seemed far away. Everything happens step-by-step and of course for every one of us each step, especially on the big day, had a different color.

The slow pace helped the instantaneous reinstatement of the mind in various thoughts, my own were for my friend Giannis Kinatidis, a little further away in Kusum Kanguru and after nothing again, the next step and the one after that till the point where there were several Buddhist-prayer flags and a metal pole ... this was it - it does not go any further.

The day, greater than any expectation; the weather amazing; the team at its best. What else can you possible ask for from life at that moment or better said all your life in one single moment.

And this not only because we were on the top of the World, but because we proved one more time to ourselves, that when the mind is open and the team focused to one mutual goal you can reach anything.

Pavlos Tsiantos
They ask me plenty of times how I felt on the top of Everest. The truth is that at that time I did not have any energy in reserve for particular emotions. The brain was affected by the lack of oxygen and hard work, and it was barely able to produce thoughts in need for its preservation. Only the heart was beating fast.

The real emotions came afterwards and I can say that they for sure belong to the category of special and rare experiences which usually are very hard to describe. The realization that, together with five fellow members, after a difficult and long journey, we made it to the end of a mutual goal. An emotion that I wish anyone has the luck to feel , when in a certain period of life, reaches the summit of his own, personal, Everest.
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The filming at an altitude of more than eight thousand meters was to happen for the first time from a Greek film crew...
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It will require vision, faith and hard work
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